Financial crisis surrounding the closure of Dr. John Garang University should not be left unsolved. This is one of the highest learning institution which should not be closed for lack of food. The problem came into being almost two years back coupled with coronavirus pandemic last year. The university was to be opened alongside others when the government gave relief for the opening of learning institutions in the country. This was not to be and the same problem which was there two years back still persisted. Food suppliers and other contracted for service delivery are not ready to do so because of the outstanding bills forcing the students out as the institution’s doors remained shut. The effects of the economic situation in the country is well understandable but should not be an excuse to deny students the right to education when the chance is there. These students have spent one year out in the cold because of the Covi-19 outbreak. This chance came to them collectively when the government lifted the lockdown. They have to be back in class to manage to finish their courses which are meant to be the future and foundation of the youth in country. Time has come that education should be given priority and all those yearning for it given a chance. Funds should be mobilized to clear the outstanding bills. Contractors and suppliers should equally understand the situation which the country has been in economically in the past and present. They should accept to receive something if it is availed and continue providing service to the university well aware that they would be eventually be paid what belong to them. Importantly, the government must find a lasting solution to solve the financial crisis facing the institution which is among the five higher learning institutions in the country.

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