Crime cannot go by any other name whatsoever and those committing them must be punished by laws of the country. How can armed robbers descend on an innocent 65 years old woman, raped before killing her after failing to get what they could steal? Cases of such crimes seemed to be increasing although the police are trying their best to contain the situation. It should be collectively the duty of both members of the public and the police to work together in identifying suspected criminals among people. It is easier for the public to know who within them has doubtful records. Such cases should be reported immediately to the right authorities before such people met out their ugly activities. Take a minute to consider the scene this old lady went through before meeting her death in the hands of these thugs. Police have promised a thorough investigation with no stone left unturned into the matter. The security organs should not rest because today it is the old lady while tomorrow nobody knows the next victim. It is a must that security of a nation and its people cannot be compromised and should be well planned all the time. Criminals should be tracked and locked behind the bars to account for their crimes. Courts in the country should not sympathize with such cases brought to their attentions for hearing by sentencing those found guilty behind bars. The jailing would sent signal to crime world that their days are numbered as sooner than later they would face similar action. Courts should not be lenient to criminals. If they do so then criminals would be encouraged to continue with their ill acts and more people would die through these unknown armed gangs similar to those who killed the 65 years old innocent lady.

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