Odongo Odoyo


As Christmas season is setting on. police should beef up security surveillance and punish criminals in Juba City. When it comes to big occasions like Christmas season, criminal activities becomes rampant. Juba as a  cosmopolitan city is harboring complexity of people. It is sad to note that many people at this time have been robbed and their properties taken off from them either forcefully or at a gun point. The most common one is motor-bikes being grabbed from boda-boda riders at gunpoint by unknown gunmen as it’s normally referred to. Nobody can stand up and tell the public who these unknown gunmen are..

This issue at hand right now is for the concerned top  heads organs of security organ to keenly direct operations within and outside Juba to survey and to detect the presence of those crooks who are skimming to steal and break into peoples’ houses either in the day at night. I appreciate that the beef up has already started as early as six in the evening here in Juba. However there is need to have security presence in the main busy bus stations like custom, Konyokonyo and the rest in Juba. Many people boarding taxis and in different bus stations are complaining of their being pickpocketed forcefully and the security is not following suspects.

This gives chance to the thieves to take advantage of loitering freely at their wish. The common theft cases happening now are likely to increase road carnage possibly at the time when they are trying to escape whether on foot or by other means, which creates and end up causing an expected accident.   

Robbers in Juba today are the one along roadside and very organized. So in such situation a high level planned security is necessary. An English phrase says, “Set a thief to catch a thief.” This means that the criminals should be targeted according to the setting of their environment.  I sincerely pity those whose belongings have been robbed while the crooks are not punished for their wrong doing. Therefore, as the days are going to be busy because of the forthcoming festive season of the year (x-mas), let there be organized operative security system to tame those wild groups working to disorganize the peace of the common-man. The hooligans in the town known too well those whenever this season approaches people tend to that enough money to feast. For the public to celebrate the event happily let there be order in the city.

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