Cases of ambushes and attack along major roads in the country are slowly but surely creeping back with threats of life. The security organs at one point had taken control of the situation and deployed enough personnel to routinely check and escort public transport vehicles in and out of the country. Juba-Nimule road which had become a homemade of road crimes where passengers were being stripped naked after being robbed somehow became normal. Deaths from road crimes reduced significantly. Just like Juba-Yei road and other major in and outlets, the security organs seem to have taken a back seat thinking everything was back to normal and had been contained, but killings and road ambushes are taking place without much protection to road users. This is another chronic which must be stopped because the lives of people are more important to a country’s development. Questions that abound are whether the much talked about the highway patrol police unit are not effective and are being overshadowed by highway gangs. The issue of unknown gunmen is yet another one which must be tackled. The attack on Juba-Nimule road yesterday must be something coincidentally connected with the travel alert. It is strange that unknown gunmen can shoot others and abduct others alive. It is very strange that the criminals are fond and bound to take some people alive, more, when they are children and young people. Unknown gunmen cannot remain unknown when they have abducted people who could later easily disclose their identities and their purposes for the crime they are committing. Let there be real commitment in fighting these gangs who seems to be controlling part of the highways in the country. Who are they, that the security organs cannot nab them while on the act? What happened to the security escorts that had been provided when the tension was high along these highways?

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