Topical commentary

By Malek Arol Dhieu-(Guest)

Odongo Odoyo

Crimes are practices that threaten the wellbeing of people, and so, they should be controlled to allow people live in harmony during this intra-peace period. It was yesterday in Gudele 2 that counterfeiting, armed robbery and killings were reported by the police in KubriHaboba, and good enough, the culprits were all arrested. But one dismaying part of the story is that, among the perpetrators was a woman who got involved in the robbery. Whether or not that woman has a spouse among the culprits, her involvement in robbery sends a hopeless message to the citizens, making them think that life has become complicated that women have to rob for survivals. Yes, life is hard but it isn’t hard to such an extent that women have to involve in major crimes such as these.Counterfeiting, armed robbery and killings are major crimes not only on earth, but also in heaven, and that, culprits involved are disciplined thoroughly on earth before the ocean of fire awaiting them in heaven; that means perpetrators should forget life after death. One thing the policing personnel and the investigation department should take into their accounts is the core investigation of the culprits because rumours say most of the culprits collaborate with the personnel to rob on their behalf, and that, culprits are taken to prisonthrough this door and out of the other as their long detention may frustrate them to reveal the truth. If such cases are found, they should be handled in a way that teaches an unforgettable lesson. However,the national police service deserves a credit for fishing out the criminals in the residential areas of Juba and arrest them for their wrongdoings. As wantable as stability, it is required of every citizen to report the whereabouts of any criminal to make sure stability is maintained. 

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