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Crime rates reduced this year around unlike the previous

By Nema Juma

The spokesperson of national police service has revealed that the cases of crimes have reduced unlike last year.

He however mentioned that there were small issues of robbers while the organized forces were redoubling their efforts to crack them down.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor during the security update, Maj Gen. Daniel Justin said that many people out there have been reporting that the cases of crimes were too much and for them as police, the cases of crimes were not too much.

“People are talking about to much cases of crimes,but you see according to our police records the cases of crimes are not too much.This year is better than other last years,” Justin said.

He added that sometimes one case of robbery would draw tension and everything would be said, but sometimes for us it was also a challenge.Some of those cases were robbery and the suspect was not arrested of course in the beginning,   we might register the case against somebody who was not known, as later on with our CIDs, the gathered information ended up arresting the suspect.

Justin said that the police have stated the preparation of the charismas, since the markets have stated getting busy and the cases of robbery may increase as well as the criminals were active.

“So we need to put our house in order before time and currently the preparations are going on very well,” Justine said.

However he added that they were facing some challenges of the‘nigars’,but the police put on more plans in place to crack them down.

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