Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I was shocked beyond belief when a state minister revealed that robbers were now targeting both primary and secondary schools. What came to my mind was what would be the reason(s) for this latest development when time had come for all to enjoy peace and consider unknown or known gunmen a thing of the past. Why schools. I could not get an immediate answer. Jubek State Minister for Education Wani Sule Ladu told the press that armed robbers had turned their bits to schools. One wonders how much would a primary or a day secondary school be holding in their custody that would be of great importance to thieves or robbers. When l talked to my friend the police spokesperson, Maj. Gen Daniel Justin told me that his office had not received any report. This is not important now. Robbers broke into one of the schools, Supiri Secondary School in the State and took with them a number of school items including mobile phones. This is another subject whether schools are allowed to stock or keep phones in their custody. I thought mobile phones are meant to be mobile. Interestingly, the some of the phones are said to be belonging to students. Which raises yet another question? Are students allowed phones in schools and are schools allowed to keep phones for students. Maybe the good state education minister can answer these nagging questions. The differences in reports are also a matter of concern. There should be collectivity and accuracy in what comes out of a senior public servants because the public believes and have bestowed trust on them. This is a fact which should not be overlooked and which any government officer charged with service delivery must adhere to. It is not in the public interests to be treated to “misinformation” someone should tell the public how many schools have been robbed, where and when which should be corroborated by the security arm of the government. By giving or peddling half-baked information means misinforming the public who are the tax payers and who are the employers of the public servants.  There can only be one sure way of making public statement for public consumption. There must be verification and truth. Otherwise any information which does not match is considered rumours until proven otherwise. Any crime and those who commit them must face the law. But it is the law that should convict them. If indeed the robbers are targeting some schools anywhere in the country they should be dealt with accordingly. They should not create the past situation back into the lives of the public now that all are geared peaceful co-existence. Let us all walk the talk of peace and start nurturing our relationship with each other. There is not room from criminals among us and this must be clear to all, but one thing is that we must all be our brothers’ protectors.

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