Crime cannot be stopped but minimized

By Atimaku Joan

Crime cannot be stopped but rather can be minimized, speaking to media on Monday, during community dialogue, to commemorate international peace day, the Deputy Police Spokesperson Col. James Dak Karlo said.

According to Col. Dak crime was a universal issue saying it was the role of the community to report the case to police on time.

“Universally and in the five continents till now there are crimes even in places like New York where Human right is there are death, in Europe there are daily death, even if our security is up to date it will not mean that we can stop crime, but we can minimize crime. The most important thing is the time of the arrival of the police to the scene of crime, but how could the police arrive at the scene of the crime in time if not informed?” Col. Dak asked.

He stated that the communication between the area where the crime has taken place is required by the police to reach at the scene in time, saying that the community give a hint to the police and the police will take their role.

He added that lack of mobility and communication are some challenges that prevent police from reaching crime scene on time.

He revealed that there are low crime cases in Juba city as per now.

Col. Dak however, urged the public to embrace peace and abstain from crime related issues.

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