CRIME-Bishop’s shooting 24 suspects in the cooler

By Mabor Riak Magok

At least 24 suspects have been arrested in connection with the shooting of the newly elected Bishop of Rumbek on Sunday night at his residence in the Lakes State town.

Elect Bishop Christian Carlassare who was shot and wounded by unknown gunmen on both legs was appointed by Pope Francis last month as the Head bishop of Rumbek Dioceses.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, the Acting Minister of Information and Communication in Lakes State, William Kocji Kerjok Kertim on Monday condemned the motive saying it was the worst criminal act in the area.

The Bishop is currently receiving treatment at Rumbek State hospital.

“We have arrested 24 suspects and we shall continue to arrest more in connection to this incident. Now we are all here in Rumbek State hospital including the governor of Lakes State and his deputy to see the condition of the Bishop. He is fine and no legs was broken,”said Minister Kocji.

The minister said the attackers did not have intention of killing the Bishop but were trying to scare him after the criminals entered into his room and ordered him to sit down before they shot him on both legs.

The Diocesan coordinator of Rumbek Catholic Diocese Father John Mathiang Machol condemned the attack on the new Bishop.

“We were woken up by the cry and sound of gunfire. We went there and found the Bishop was shot on both legs. The criminals ran away. We took the Bishop to Rumbek Hospital for treatment until now we are in the Hospital with him,” saidFr. Machol

Coordinator Machol said the bishop’s condition was stabled and would be transferred to Juba by ICRC plane and later to Nairobi for further treatment.

The administrator of Rumbek State hospital Matur Rany said theywill soon send the Bishop to Juba to seek further treatment.

“There is no broken leg, and no fractures caused by the bullets on both legs. But there is persistence serious bleeding which has been dressed up,”said, RanyBISH.

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