CRIME 33 hit squad criminals nabbed

By Odongo Odoyo       

A combined special security force under the command of the Inspector General of Police (IPG) Majak Akec has broken the ring chain of dangerous criminals and arrested 33 members of the gang who have terrorized and caused mayhem in the country.

The criminals arrested included three Ugandans, a Rwandese, three local civilians and the rest noncommissioned members of different forces have been involved in the killings, armed robberies including banks, petrol stations and other atrocities against Juba residents and other parts of the country. Their suspected top leaders are among those arrested at the Seventh Day Round-about on Monday this week.

The operation recovered eleven vehicles, Land cruiser and Noah in the possession of the criminals, two PKM, four AK 47 and one LG two with several rockets (ammunitions).

Confirming the arrest of the notorious gang whose other members are still at large, the National Police Spokesperson. Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin outlaid the chronologies of the criminal victims which included the killing of two people in Gudele and another person in Tongpiny. Other crimes committed by the criminals who are currently secured behind bars, include the theft of almost 170,000 USD from Alpha Bank, seven million South Sudanese Pounds from a petrol station in Konyo Konyo, a wholesale shop in the same area and the killing of a Sudanese in Hai Cinema.

Maj. Gen Justin further revealed that other criminal activities involving the gang, included robbing a shop in Jebel, Chinese shop in Tongpiny, a shop near Transit Hotel and the house of Mau Madut Ngor where they robbed the family of 25,000USD and 290,000SSP. They also cheated their way and robbed two vehicles from Maj.Gen Akol Ayii’s compound under pretext that they were sent to take the vehicles. Some of the vehicles were recovered from Abyei while one was still in Wau under security watch yet to be brought to Juba.

According to Justin, the Ugandan in the criminal group was a suspected expert of opening saves. In one of robbery, a save was carried away by the gang. He said the IGP and other heads of security organs had been keenly following leading the investigations after reports of mass-criminal activities perpetrated by members of the gang who seem to be operating beyond the borders with connections to other criminals in the region.

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