Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo  

Abraham Lincon the 16th US President in life once said that “The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Many of us in this world forget to take note of very small things or wise saying like this one not because they do not want to learn but because they pretend to know it all. One needs to stand for just a minute to look back and forward and see if he or she has created it. In most cases the majorities do not know what and how to predict and create their own futures. I have come across many people across the world who in essence thinks negative of others but not seeing or reflecting on their own past to see if they have something for the future. It is not owning the highest story or having millions in the bank that makes human being titled successful. I can remember some of the rank and files who had it all, slept in golden beds, keeping wild animals like pets, having more than three thousands shoes and more and more. The bitter facts are that the end of some of them cannot be equated with what they owned or had. Life can be weird at times. Imagine you are there thinking that you have made it while they have not started even to crawl before walking. No one can run before walking but all these need wisdom and understanding of the universal. In my skull of thought and those of mind-likes we have refused to make it obvious to bend to sycophancies and propelled innuendoes with imagined comparison. Imagined comparison because those behind the innuendoes claim equality within without iota of memoirs or knowledge which can be translated to be equal to that thinking. Let God forbid according to the bible which says wisdom coupled with honesty and trust is the yard-mark that can propel one to success without much ado. It is common that sometime we must stand up for our rights but that standing up does not necessary mean confrontation with fellow human beings. It means reasoning on top of the table or across the periphery wall. Human being forgives and forgets although at times after a lot of pain. That pain makes one’s inner-being to resist the possibility of forging and forgetting. But that is human-being who like a child caned by parents forgets immediately the pain after being given sweets. Our mind-set must bear our superiority and seniority. Nothing more, nothing less. The big question is who is the best physiologist. That taught in higher learning institutions or the in-born traditional one. This l will need a feed-back from the musomis who have read books and books. I have to accept that sometime there are trying moments that can only be dictated and directed with and by nature. But this kind of move should note leap you away from your reality of creating your own future.

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