Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Last Friday will remain a day to remember when all roads led to All Saints Parish Rejaf, the church was celebrating its one hundred years since being established. Every soul was on the road from near and far. At about 11.00am traffic police had hectic time in controlling the snail-rolling vehicles of all types not caring the human doves that started going in the early hours of the morning. They all came and prayed. President Salva Kiir was among the faithful who braved the day to celebrate with the church and thousands of the faithful who thronged the venue. He left his official vehicle and joined the faithful in walking to the church compound. He mingled with the faithful until when received. This was historic in the minds of those who were present and as his time came he repeated his advocacy for peace restoration. It was a wonderful scenario which moved and assured the country that indeed peace had at last come to the country. His remark that there will be no more war was ululated because it was an assurance the country needed as peace process is being put in place. Crawling behind other vehicle I and our pilot Mike were not lucky to reach the prayer venue after being directed to follow another direction because the obvious one was full to capacity. We decided to rush back to the office where we monitor the on-going on the television. From 10.00 am when we left the office by mid-day we had not gone beyond Gumbo market. Why do l re-visit this event, because l am convinced that if we can have such oneness then unity in the country is assured? I am re-visiting this because that day one could witness clearly unity of purpose among the faithful. They were one community engaged in one purpose. That of celebrating the 100 years of the church. Can this purpose of unity be extended to all parts of the country? Yes it can and it can also hold the citizens together. It is worth trying and when that peace is felt the citizens stand to realize its importance and will never again try to resort to violence as the means of seeking attention to be heard.  The country has been praying for this five letter word for far too long and it has come to pass that God is able to bring it through the leadership who have struggle this long to bring the people and the country together. I have always asked are you walking the talk and helping in your small or big way to bring this noble and impressive word among the citizens. Do not be left back, collectively we must move together to restore peace in the country.   

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