The recent hike in taxes clearance at the Nimule border pointed by the National Revenue Authority (NRA) should be reviewed since the heavy trucks have threatened to stop bringing cargo to the country. It is still fresh in the minds of the public what happened when there was a stand-off between transporters and border management over insecurity where perishable items got spoiled while un-perishable overstayed with some losing values while others attracted more costs to bring them in. NRA has the right to hike the taxes but the institution should do it in consultation with the truck owners or operators. It stands out that heavy trucks are now expected to pay 400 USD instead of the previous 40 USD for 40 feet and 350 USD from 50 USD. The increase in the taxes has sent the operators wondering how NRA reached this decision and by what margin is the hike. It is the duty of the institution to collect taxes for service delivery by the government to the people, but the institution should equally know and understand that these are their business partners who should be regularly contacted for any eventuality including the tax issues. There are matters that should be addressed around the table bearing in mind that both NRA and truck operators are there to stay and work together. This is a fact which should not be overlooked by both sides. They should sit down and agree on the way forward instead of having different opinions and reactions. A point that should be born in mind is that while NRA has the duty on behalf of the government they cannot operate in isolation. They have to collectively work with taxpayers to create a conducive atmosphere for business and the growth of the socio-economy for the people and the country.

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