Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

When l watched a film titled Gods Must Be Crazy, it was a hit during our time. That Hotententoes man was ready to do anything to save his family and indeed it was befitting a man in love with family. A man who was ready to an extent to save his family for the safety of his wife and the two kids. That man was a symbol of true African man who nothing could stop from defending his loved one even the coca cola bottle thrown from a flying plane that brought miseries to his village. But as much as the film was a hit in the screens in both the continent and the international market, this poor African, l am told was paid only and l mean only 300 USD. He was used by the West and dumped in the Kalahari Desert so l am told. Then l remembered what one of my colleagues once told us you guys “if heaven is paradise why do you spend your entire life avoiding death” to which one of us replied, paradox, kweli kabisa in Swahili which translate as “true” even the Pope has HITECH security and armed vehicle. This world isn’t our home but it is all we know for now, ama aje ma frend or what do you think my friends. I was debating within the inner me that this man who was exploited if only he was somewhere in the Hollywood, he could be smiling with millions in their bank accounts and being the main actor of the episode true he deserved the recognition of the highest order, but was denied instead he made others rich while he remained in objective poverty.This is against human nature where we remain equal and where discrimination should be seen in the past. Sometimes we wish that the Pan-Africanism was at play like it was during the time of many struggles for self-rule or in a nut-shell when colonials were being told to leave and go back to their roots while African took over to rule themselves. The Pan-Africanism had visions for their respective people. I want to tell you that it is our own making that some external forces are still interfering with our independent minds which should not be the case. These people who are colluding with external hands are their own enemies because they cannot be trusted even in heaven because they fear the wrath awaiting them in the kingdom. They are classified as betrayers and turn-coats. This month of November l pray that God will visit your home with miracles and answers. The new month will bring new things in life but only if one does not live in illusions and negative expectations that are impossible to meet. A straight life pays without demanding protection from anywhere. Live a good life that can stand behind you and your legacy. It is an important factor that should be nurtured.

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