Crack down of unregistered Pharmacies and clinics begin

By Mabor Riak Magok

The Food and Drugs Control Authority of the Ministry of Health yesterday started to shut down pharmacies and clinics that have been operating in Juba for more than a year without valid licenses.

In an Interview with Juba Monitor, the Director General of Food and Drugs Control Authority, Dr. Peter Aguek said the time frame for the pharmacies and clinics to renew their licenses has elapsed.

“The time frame started from December to January per a year and now they are operating without renewed license since January up to now,” said Dr. Aguek. They are subject for screening and renewal of their licenses.”

Dr. Aguek said the licenses of pharmaceutical companies and clinics are subject for yearly renewal across the country.

“We are starting today with the pharmaceutical operators and we have found out that they have not done any renewal of licenses, we closedown very many pharmacies,” said Aguek.

The crackdown process will last for one month to ensure all pharmacies and clinics operating in Juba operate with licenses.

“It is our duty now as Food and Drugs Control Authority to provide the rule and law on the private pharmacies and clinics that are not able to renew license to renew their licenses,” he said.

Dr. Aguek said it is wrong for the pharmacies and clinics to operate illegally. “We want to see why they are not renewing license because it is more dangerous if somebody is working illegally without knowledge by the government,” he said.

According to Dr. Aguek, the closure of pharmacies and clinics that do not have their licenses will not have negative impacts on the people in Juba.

He said the current exercise is an opportunity for the people to be treated by qualified doctors instead of people who claim to be doctors when they are not.

“Those who are untouchable will be touched at this time otherwise if they resist abiding by rules and regulations then we will be left with no option, but to shut down the premises,” said Dr. Aguek

He said the “untouchable people” must comply with the rules and regulations of Food and Drugs Control Authority by renewing their licenses immediately otherwise they will face the full force of the authority.

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