CRA opens women empowerment training center in Munuki

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Christian Relief Aid (CRA) has opened a sewing machine training centre in Munuki to empower women to participate fully in economic development in the country. 

Speaking during the launching, CRA Executive Director, Joseph Opio Wilson said the initiative aims at empowering women with an entrepreneurial skill and keeping them occupied.

“Without women’s empowerment, women would not feel equally important to the process of development as men. It is widely believed that both men and women play critical roles in development,” Opio said.

Umsalieman Abdalla, one of the trainees said the center is giving necessary experience which is empowering them to manage their business.

“Without gender equality and empowerment, this country cannot not be just, and social change cannot not occur because gender equality is a key aspect of societal development, Abdalla said.

She added that women also reflect their interest of government and civil society and serve to support interactions among stakeholders so as to achieve gender equality. 

“Strengthening women’s access to property inheritance and land rights is another method used to economically empower women,”Abdalla said.

29-year-old woman Victoria Juma, appreciate CRA saying “Good education increases self-confidence and also enables them to find better jobs and they can work shoulder to shoulder with men,” Juma  said. 

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