Coronavirus vaccines will soon be out of stock in the country according the Ministry of Health reports. There remained only 1820 doses whose life span is dangling and which are expected to expire by mid this month. Whether the doses will be able to reach that expiry date or not is yet another thing, but the most important one is that there is no vaccine and soon no vaccination can take place. All along the country has been using 60,000 doses since the exercise started. Similar number of doses expired before use and the public do not know their fate. Some 72,000 doses which were to be returned to the origin were later diverted and given to a neighbouring country. What is importance right now is whether the country has made some plan to get supply of the much-needed vaccine. There were vaccines brought in by the continental body AU in partnership with other institutions which was eroded with controversy of usage. It should be the priority of the government, particularly, Ministry of Health to lead the way and make sure arrangements of the availability of the vaccines were put in place. They should not have waited this long until the doses get finished then announced to the public of the unavailability. Though protocol has to be followed in acquiring goods fromoverseas, prior plans of actions need to be put in place. How is the ministry prepared to deal with this situation which is very volatile and which should not be taken lightly. The ministry has been in the forefront of the fight against the deadly virus. It will be pointless to negate their move at this time in point when the country and the world were still involved in the fight against the pandemic.

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