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Covid-19 vaccines arrive in Yambio

By Baraka John

The State Ministry of Health in Western Equatoria has on Saturday received six thousand (6,000) jabs of Astra Zeneka vaccines as its second batch dispatched by the South Sudan National Ministry of Health.

According to Western Equatoria Acting Minister of Health, Simon Sarawosi, the 6,000 doses will target both people who were vaccinated in the first round and those yet get vaccinated.

“Our people have been waiting for this vaccine, am glad to announce that the vaccine is with us here. So am encouraging everyone in Yambio to come and receive the vaccine, so we shall be vaccinating both people coming for their second dose as well those coming for their first round”. Minister Sarawosi said

Meanwhile, Western Equatoria State Acting governor Elia Richard Box who is the state minister for local government and law enforcement, applauded health partners for their supports towards health system in the State saying without good health the state will not develop.on the need to reach the vaccines to the rest of nine Counties in the State.

“The first dose it has not reached all the Counties, in WES we are having ten Counties our expectation is, these vaccines have to reach all these Counties”. Box stated

The second phase of the vaccine was expected to arrive in the State on 3rd August to allow people who received their first dose meet the period recommended by the ministry of health to receive second dose. It said once vaccinated after 8-12 weeks the second dose would be rolled out. But however, the timeline has surpassed beating the recommended periods. 

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