Covid-19 survivors are our heroes

By Ngor Khot Garang

If there is one thing that I have learned in this short span of time, it is strength. It can be mental or physical strength and all of them work in times such as this. It may take some people weeks or even months to fully understand the magic behind the recovery of coronavirus patients.

Some will think the patients might have been forced by testing kits to believe that they are positive when they are truly not, while others will continue to argue that the virus does not exist and the national Task Force is just scaring the public.

The people who think like this are not many if they truly exist, because coronavirus is real and it is happening. The cases reported including the recoveries are nothing other than truth. The virus is claiming lives and there is no proven cure or vaccine to reduce the spread of the virus but the other positive side about this virus is that there are high chances of recovery if we adhere to the prescribed measures by the health practitioners.

All over the world or Africa in particular, we have seen people who walked from the rubbles of a deadly virus and came out smiling with tears of joy but this same people never knew that something worse or similar to coronavirus was awaiting them. “Discrimination”.

 Most of these survivors have been rejected and force quarantined by their families because they are still seen as carriers of the virus. In some countries, they are isolated from the rest and at some points people refuse to eat, laugh or talk with them (stigmatized).

As a result, some have already lost hope and others have even killed themselves because they feel like they no longer fits in the community anymore. They feel part of them is stolen and will have no reason to live again. This is bad. We must embrace these people and find strength in them. They can give us hope to win over this virus.

The whole world is looking for the ways to combat this virus and it is through these people. They have a lot of stories and knowing as a patient that someone has recovered from the virus give us hope that we too can win over this coronavirus. The country has so far registered over 300- cases and only six deaths have been recorded. Who still cannot believe that we can win over this virus? We are in this together and we need to spread facts not fear this time.

We have people who could have died from the virus but hearing the stories of the coronavirus survivors made them strong and planted in them hope that they too will get through it, and that is what made the difference.

There is nobody with weak immune system except those who have been told that the virus has no survivors. When the people who should have given you strength scare you, your defense cell begin to lose its ability to fight and the virus finds it easy to destroy you but when you are encouraged and given the right information about the virus, you can recover from the virus faster than you could imagine. We all need to be safe or recover from this virus for those who have the virus already and we can do this when we come together and be each other’s back in the fight.

The people who have got the disease should not be discouraged because there is high chance for recovery. We must all follow the preventive measures as we walk through these difficult times.

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