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Covid-19 center closed due to lack of funding

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Health authorities in Jonglei State have confirmed that Covid-19 Center has been shut down due to financial support.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Bor State Hospital Medical Director Dr. Bol Chaw Manyang revealed that there was lack of essential medicines to manage the patients yet the number of patients keep increasing daily at an average of 500 patients and the hospital does not have that capacity because all the wards were full with 90 percent malaria cases due to flooding.

“We do not have essential medicines to manage malaria cases, and there are so many cases of pneumonia among children and drugs are lacking, specialists are not there, gynecologists, surgeons, pediatricians, these are very important for the effective management of cases in the hospital. Due to flooding, facilities are aggregated to Bor County and delivery of health services is very difficult,” Manyang Said.

He stated that all the tents and other facilities were damaged since the center was shut down

The Medical Director said that Bor state hospital has been facing so many challenges including lack of essential drugs and personnel to managed rising cases of infections because of the effects of flood that has devastated the state.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO), State Coordinator George Wani Worri said that the organization and the government have managed to support the state with some medicines but there has been a high turn up for the consumption.

“World Health Organization tried to bring drugs for emergency as well as the government and other partners to preposition drugs but the consumption rates of drugs are just very high and their specific medicine that move faster compared to others,” Worri said’

He noted that they did not get a clear consumption report but which was a challenge but indications from the reports showed that cases of respiratory tract infections were increasing because “currently we are having a spike in cases of malaria”.

He added that essential drugs were prepositioned every three months, noting that some of the medical supplies provided by the government and partners could be exhausted within three weeks.

He urged all organizations that could support the Covid-19 center with the provision of personnel to intervene and rescue the situation because there were serious cases of Covid-19 although vaccine  were there.

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