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Covid-19 cases surge to 16,966

Pictorial during weekly Covid-19 update

By Bida Elly David

Based on the weekly report passed by the Ministry of Health on the status of Covid-19 in the Country, the cumulative confirmed cases up-to-date has tolled to 16,966 with the cumulative recovery statistics of 13,271.

According to Dr. John Pasquale Rumunu, the acting incident manager for Covid-19 and the Director for preventive Health Services transfigured that up to date, a total of 3515 were follow-up cases with a statistics of 293 contacts under follow up.

Furthermore, Rumunu reiterated that up to date, the cumulative death cases remain at 137 bearing no deaths over the past twenty four hours

However, Rumunu said that no severe cases have been notified in Dr. John Garang Infectious Unit in the last 24 hour hours but ultimate consultations have made for further analysis.

He said that based on their observation, there was serious decrease in confirmed Covid-19 cases throughout the Country and according to the lab analysis, majority of the cases came from pre-travel agencies.

‘’The cumulative number of confirmed cases up to date has tolled to 16’966 and out of this, the total number of cases under followup and active is 3515. No severe cases in Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Unit. The cumulative number of recovery is 13271 and no death cases in the last 24 hours. The cumulative number of death remains at 137 from the beginning and 293 contacts under follow up’’ He said

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