Court passes final judgement on wizard and his clients

By Bida Elly David

The county court yesterday passed the final judgment after awaited prosecution of the suspected witch doctorand his clients

This happened after series of investigations and prosecutions carried out by the Public Prosecution Attorney and evidences provided by eyewitnesses about the practice of witchcraft.

According to Peter Mustafa, a judge who presided over the case found that the suspected witch doctor and his clients were finally proven guilty after thorough investigations and cross-examinations have been carried.

It was found that the victims violated Section 63 of City Council Act amended in 2020,which states that, practices on witchcrafts are forbidden by law and anyone found doing them will be punished.

Furthermore, after the final judgement, punishments were imposed on the violators based on the level or gravity of the act committed.

Out of eleven (11) defendants, five clients were sentenced to one (1) month imprisonment and fined   25000, two were only fined 25000 ssp cash without any sentence of imprisonment.

One client was sentenced to three thirty months imprisonment and fined 25000ssp for having altered her statements during cross-examination by the judge while one client was sentenced to forty five days imprisonment and fined  ssp25000.

Furthermore, the suspect witch doctor in the hierarchy Kennedy Minisare, who allegedly denied that he wasnot  part of the act after the final judgement was sentenced to three  months imprisonment and fined 25000ssp  while one client  was sentenced to two months imprisonment and fined 25000ssp for having admitted that she truly went for a business.

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