Court demands names of Terrain victims

The Military Court Martial has demanded for the names and the medical examinations of the victims who were allegedly raped at Terrain Hotel incident last year.

During the fifth hearing of the Terrain case yesterday, Col. Deng Manyiel a member of the Court said the court needs the medical document of the rape victims as well as the their names to be presented before the court.

“We need these documents,” Col. Manyiel said.

This demand came after the defense lawyer requested that the doctor who did the medical testing of the rape victims should be brought before the court to explain the medical results.

Meanwhile the acting army spokesperson Col. Santo Domic Chol said the presentation of the victims shall entirely depend  on their will to appear before court.

However, Chol said the army remains committed to the respect and protection of personalities, “If the victims opt to feels like their names had to be protected for a certain period of time until they feel like it is safe for their names to put publicly, then it is well with them,”

“There is no way that you are going to conduct a court hearing without the appearance of the victims,” he admitted.

According to the prosecutor, the testing of the victims who are said to have been raped at the Terrain Hotel incident was done in Nairobi.

The prosecutor Mayen Jr Chamtang however,  requested the court to try all possible means to bring the doctor to the court.

He said under the law, if the witness is a foreigner, the court shall address the ministry of foreign affairs and then the ministry of foreign affairs shall contact the embassy of the country of the witness, it is not the prosecutor to do that process.

The court accepted the request made by the prosecutor saying they will contact the ministry of foreign affairs to make sure that the doctor who carried out the test of the rape victims appeared before the court.

Meanwhile the two witnesses who were in the court were able to identify four suspects out of the 12 suspects during the previous court hearing on Tuesday.

According to Chol those who were identified were suspects whose charges are related to looting, “none of them is charged with murder”.

The court has adjourned the hearing for a few days. The next hearing is due to take place on the 11thJuly, 2017.

Apparently, there are 12 soldiers facing Court Martial for allegedly committing crimes such as rape, murder and looting during the July,2016 fighting in

By Morris Dogga


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