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Couples hired maid to produce them a child

By Taban Gabriel

A womanhas said they ended their 10 years of childlessness by engaging their maid througha legal process to conceive a child for them.

Hannifa, a 32 year old resident of Nyokuron West said all started one day in 2014 when a land lady in Kampala approached her and the husband and advised them on how to have a baby of their own through a legal process.

Hannifa told Juba Monitor that all these came after they discussed with the lady about their long stay without having a baby.

The childless mother said the idea first shocked her and herhusband.

“At first I thought what if the lady claims my husband. The second thought was,for how long shall we continue to keep the secret from the baby that I am not her biological mother?” Hanifersaid she questioned at the time.

The lady, Hanifersaid, told her that the child will not be interested in knowing his/her biological mother.

She saidher husbandleft Kampala for Juba immediately after impregnating the maid whom she personally endorsedfor the arrangements.

“I waited until the baby was delivered, and I also allowed her to breast fed her for one year until 2015 in August when I came back to Juba,” Hannifa added.

Though thedecisiontaken by Hannifa and her husband to hire a maid was welcome by some, other women say the idea is not acceptable.

Beatrice, a29year old resident of Rock City said that she has six years in marriage without a child, but she will not support Hanifa’s idea.

“I will rather adopt and tell the truth to the baby,may be God will bless me with a child in future what will I then call her first born?”Beatrice questioned.

She urges married women not to be in hurry when they are not pregnant.

Kiden, a 25 year old resident of the same area said she has spent three years with her husbandwithout a child.

She said she wouldrather go for adoption or allow her husband get a second wife if she totally failed to give birth.

“I would rather allow my husband to marry a second wife than to hire a woman who will later be stressful from lack of help after delivery,” said Kiden.


The arguments from the women was also backed-up by one pastor from the NewPentecostal church by the nameGeorge.

The pastor said he would have advised the husband of Hanifa to marry a second wife than to use money to deprive someone the right to own a child.

“Even in the bible when Sarah was unable to conceive, Abraham married a second wife,” George said.

George later said: “Love has nothing to do with a child.” He said couples could continue to have a happy marriage without having children.

Hannifa’s husband was not available for comments on the story by press time.

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