It is worth mentioning that President Salva Kiir has empowered the governors to swear into office the newly appointed state officials. That means there should be no delay as time is up for service delivery to the citizens of this country. The governors should begin with the county commissioners as soon as possible. This is because all the counties in the country have been in a mess since there were no commissioners who should have handled security issues and basic service delivery. The governors as ordered by the President this time should not spare any commissioner who misuses the county resources for personal gain. The commissioners must ensure that security is their top priority because citizens want to cultivate as rainy season approaches. The first thing to do is to find out the grievances facing the citizens in their respective counties.There are counties that are facing water shortage, learning infrastructures, health facilities, disturbance of farmers by cattle keepers and many other issues related to insecurity. Any county commissioner who does not work or encourage his people to cultivate should be sacked immediately. The citizens had seen for themselves how some of the former commissioners were messing up their counties because they preferred to stay in Juba and only visit the counties. This time around, they should take permission from theirbosses, the governors to come to the city. Whoever is a city dweller should not be among the commissioners. The rest of the Government officials, especially the ministers should also be cautioned to prepare their work plan. The office shouldn’t be a comfort zone. Those who go to sleep in the office without any developmental plan should be shown the door without compromise because they are appointed to carry government’s mandate in their respective offices. The year 2021 should be for service delivery.

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