County authority predicts high food production in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas-Yei

The Director of Agriculture in Yei River County of Central Equatorial State is anticipating high production of food in the first cultivation season this year.

Speaking to Juba monitor in an interview on Tuesday, Emelia Dudu Kenyi said that many people were committed to agricultural activities compared to the past Years however, she has applauded the people of Yei taking agriculture the first priority to fight hunger.

“I have seen farmers having more interests of cultivating compared to the past Years.

If you move in the areas, you will find that all people are cultivating, am so glad to see people committing themselves to agricultural activities which has shown that after three months, there will be good harvest,” Dudu said.

He added that there was enough rainfall that may lead to health growth of crops, raising concerns of lack of agricultural tool.

“Even though the seeds and tools which were distributed to farmers by some organisations were provided too late, when they had already planted theirs,I encourage farmers not to lose hope by the late distribution,”

She further urged the famers to use the seeds for the coming second season.

“Rain contributes to health growth of grows, the other thing is that, when I was surveying, I have seen challenges facing the farmers for instance, delayed distribution of agricultural inputs for the first season. Most of the organizations are still carrying registration exercise yet most of the farmers are now, am encouraging the farmers to keep the seeds for the second season, “Dudu said.

However, she echoedinsecurity in some parts of the county which washindering farmers from accessing their big farms in the rural areas.

Dudu called for more support from the agriculture partners.

Nevertheless,Yei county commissioner, Aggrey Cyrus Kanyikwa issued a local order restricting roaming of animals around public roads, residential areas and crop farms in the county.

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