Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Being honest with life is one sure way to propel you to the pending but expected success. This is why freedom of expression is very vital in our day to day engagement. It is not for the good minds to hide behind the curtain and start gossiping which do not have human value. In instances, l have come across some minds that are not worth interacting with. They create falsehood to suit their masters’ pockets. Live without fear because all of us are protected by God. No one can dispute this. I am taking this line of reasoning to argue a case. Of recent did talk about the role of the media and responsible journalism. Some quarters have had their translations to transform their minds. I have said this before and l repeat here that patriotism is not sycophancy. This must register in the minds of those creating issues out of nothing. The love for one’s country does not mean one is up-teeth supporter of a particular echelon. My mind dictates otherwise and asking those kind of thought to stand up and be counted to their real-self. In life it is pointless to be an expert of nothing who only knows how to heap lies and rumours which have no basis and cannot take anyone anywhere. It is time people engage in productive agenda which can help them and the country at large. It is becoming common for some group of minds who do not think before talking to raise alarm based on their inner thinking which borders on the worst disease commonly known as hate speech. This is very dangerous and a habit which should be discouraged at all cost. The streets of Juba City and its environs are awash with rumours that are being peddled by idle minds. At a time like this when the country is nurturing peace restoration, there must be tolerance and forthright thinking in all what one does. All should be pegged on brother and sisterhood for continuity. No amount of external pressure should be allowed in the midst of the citizens to derail them from thinking positively on how to help the country move forward peacefully. The more reasons why these idle minds and rumour-dens must be dealt with according to the law of the land. For those out-bent to flourish the tune of their master whose interests are only to see chaos and make it impossible for others to live peacefully. They must be told that not again will they have their cake and eat even if they dangle their ready-made carrots. There is something called enough is enough which should not be repeated or made to occur each and every time. There is need to style up and do things professionally in whatever one is doing. There must be a stop to lies and falsehood which some people use to hoodwink external interests or favour. Count yourself out of that class your positive contribution to the nation is an asset which cannot be taken for granted.

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