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Councilor advocates for youth opportunities

By Fatuma Asha Ali

Activist Monday John Charles Lemi yesterday expressed his interest in advocating for the right of youth opportunity through campaigning for Limbe youth Councilor of Lainya County of Central Equatoria State.

Speaking toJuba Monitor, John said that he was campaigning for this position in order to stand and advocate for the challenges facing the youth and is looking forward to how to overcome these challenges.

“I took this opportunity to stand for this position in order to answer some of the challenges facing the youth on how to work out and overcome some of these challenges through calling for government help and through lobbying for funds from international NGOs and National NGOs,” he said.

He added that “What youths are going through has awakened me up when I see my fellow youths lingering around the street having no jobs begging every day and also looking at how young women and girls being molested by mobsters because they have no opportunities and no capital to rise or start their own business,”

However, he added that his work experience has made him stand and help the youth to get opportunities.

“Based on my work experience with different International and National organizations, I took it positive to stand up for the position so that we can be able to help each other as a youth by starting our own business and also give others opportunities to start up their lives by picking up their selves from where they are,” he expressed.

John said that the frustration has led the youth into doing unlawful things like becoming a Toronto’s, pickpockets, and much more.

“I believed that women and girl child are able and they are capable of running a business if they are empowered with the skill to build them up,”

“We are all looking for success and hopefully we will be victorious as a youth, so let us not only focused on the negative things or challenges that we have gone through rather let it be a turning point and let us look up to the successful people as our role model and say if that person can make it why not me,” he said.

Meanwhile, he further discourages the youth from indulging in crimes and drugs.

“You have a purpose in this world and don’t be discouraged by, whatever happens, be a fighter don’t indulge in to crimes and drugs. Am emphasizing all the youth to be united once we are united we will be able to achieve our goals, first of all the country belong to us and we need peace because development can not take place without peace,” he explained.

John appealed to the government for more support to the youth.

“I encourage the government because they are the pillars of this Country and I urged them to give the youth funds and opportunities so that they can go and represent because I’mseeing limited positions for the youth in the government,”

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