Council to compensate venerable victims of demolition

By Bida Elly David

The administration of Juba City Council yesterday made a pledge to compensate some vulnerable victims of the demolition with an empty space of land for commercial services.

In a phone interview with Juba Monitor yesterday, City Mayor Kalisto Ladu pointed out that his office had given special consideration for some people who were affected bythe demolition carried out recently.

‘’We are soon allocating a portion of land to some  vulnerable persons who were displaced as a result of the general demolition that my administration has been carrying out in the town. The vulnerable people entitled to be compensated are the university students, Youth (barrow boys), women who struggle to earn living on daily basis’’ he said.

Furthermore, he added that the space targeted to be allocated to those people belonged to the government in which city council has portions.

In the same breath, Kalisto said that no compensation would be considered for business people who intentionally constructed their shops along the roads blocking the acceleration of vehicles and movement of pedestrians.

‘’Nobody among those whose shops were demolished due to intentional construction should claim for any compensation of a piece of land from the city council. Failure to comply with the laws, disciplinary measures will be taken against them’’ He added.

He also warned those who misinterpreted and criticised him on carrying out duties entrusted to him by Central Equatoria Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony to desist and stop their hidden agenda.

‘’Those who criticised me upon duties rendered to me by city council laws and Central Equatoria Governor Emmanuel Adil should understand that they are against development of the town and above all they are after their interests not for all’’ He reiterated.

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