Nineteen killed, 39 wounded seems to be the norms taking shape in the Greater Upper Nile and some parts where the society has taken it upon themselves to remain hostile to one another. If it is not the above quoted number where the victims of the inter-communal clashes in a day, it is another number altogether. Whatever the number of deaths of those killed whether one or two. This kind of situation should not be allowed to continue without any sign of resolve in sight. A human being is not a hen to be killed at will. Where is respect and dignity of the African society of human integrity that some civilians are at liberty to walk and carry dangerous weapons at will just for the killing of another person. The society seems to have gone berserk and care no more about another person who in this case is a neighbour. Nobody has the monopoly over the other and this scenario must be brought to an end by the security organs. Could it be true that some security personnel have been compromised and are not doing the work they are employed to do. They are a let down to the tax-payers who are toiling even at this time of hardship to ensure they got their salaries. There can’t be two ways to solve or resolve the inter-communal clashes which is leaving women and men widowed and children orphaned.  The government must take firm stand in dealing with this issue which is tainting the name and image of the country. Security even if in small part of the country should not be compromised at whatever cost. The government should come out with final force to arrest the situation which seems to be going out of hand and which some people are taking for granted and fun. Killing is a crime punishable by the law of the land.

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