Odongo Odoyo


With Odongo Odoyo

Sometime l gets pissed off with some notions that tend to simplify major issues. It came to be that we were discussion the emergence of Ebola in the region and the panic it had caused among the general public when one of us came out with an alarming and unconfirmed theory that the emergence of Ebola is a creation of some international NGOs who fear folding up their operations because they do not have jobs back home. This gentleman made sure we listen to him with these wild allegations that somewhere in the DRC, plans to extend the operation of these NGOs were mooted and one identified case was thrown into Kenya and another one to Uganda to make it look like regional outbreak. Then a silent campaign went on up-to now in collaboration with few would be beneficiary. It was meant to shout loud that this was real and would affect the whole region if the medics did not come together to cooperate in the fight. To justify his cause, our friend asked one question. When was Ebola declared real and how many cases have been detected and or how many death have been recorded if it was of that magnitude? I have never had time to seriously think along these line neither my friends have not because we have all left the fate in the hands of experts in this case the medics and their likes. Our friend stood his ground and draw our attention on how some of these NGOs created survival tactics on Ebola In West Africa and made huge catch from donors. They are capitalizing on the facts that donors want to deal with them directly and not through the governments in the region and since West Africa seem to have been a small catch, they intended to extend net in the region and it all started by well- planned and well thought of move that could confuse the masses in the region but convince donors overseas. Inter-crossing of borders of refugees in and out laid the bait and it was just a matter of time before the intended media outlets took the lead in exposing the planned agenda. It fitted well and the NGOs with interests started their move to articulate the mooted plan. To a lay man it seems real but the truth is far beyond imagination. Our friend was taking us in wild-goose chase in topics and subjects we little understood. I promised our friend and we all agreed that more research and investigations should be carried out to determine the truth. The fact find mission was formed and tasked to come up with concrete and accurate report on this serious allegation by our friend. It is true that in many cases a number of international NGOs have come out with survival tactics to extend their operations and create jobs for themselves and their friends, but gambling with human life is a nothing thing which cannot be left to chance. The big question is if this is true, then, are there collaborators who are benefitting on these stage managed activities if they are.

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