Costs of housing to drop: real estate expert

By: Mandela Nelson Denis

The cost of housing in Juba and its surrounding is going to drop down in 2020, said Malish Taban, a real estate expert.

Taban said with the current proliferation of new housing projects in Juba City, the housing facilities will be more affordable to majority city dwellers because people are building more houses.

Many people residing in Juba complain of the high costs of housing levied on rent and buying land. Malish attributed these to the few housing units available in the city.

“The cost of housing in Juba will drop because people are building houses, we are now glad that there is Juba power working now, and it is accessible in many areas”, said Malish.

And with the calm and peace in Juba city, Malish said more investors in the real estates are expected to come and build houses for rent and sale.

“We have seen increase in real estate’s developers, people are buying land and building apartments, shops and rooms for rent”, Malish said.

Juba is alleged to be expensive in terms of housing because of the limited housing units making the few available insufficient.

Jidu Bob is paying one hundred American dollars monthly for one room non self-contained unit.

“If the real estates experts believe that housing cost will drop this year then it is worth celebrating”, said Jidu.

Emmaunela Dunia left her self-contained room because of high rent fees to a makeshift of iron sheet.

“Good rooms for rent in Juba are very expensive and this forced me to move to an iron sheet house at the start of the year because paying for my self-contained house was a problem”, said Dunia.

Self-contained one bed room rentals in Juba ranges from two hundred American Dollars to five hundred, depending on the location of the house.

Majority of Juba residents continue to live in substandard housing units made of iron sheets, timbers, and bamboos.

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