Corruption is a vice which must be fought at all costs. The unity government has made it very clear that public servants must fight to end the disease which has caused havoc in the country. It is now time for the new appointees although some are back in their previous docket to show-case the fight and to ensure public resources are protected. In the past it has been one topic which the previous government under President Salva Kiir Mayardit stood firm to root-out but few individuals still had their ways of making sure they continued with their ill intentional activities. For a country to grow socially and economically, there must be people of goodwill ready to scarifice their time and honour for the well-being of the nation. This has proved to be few individuals because of the long crisis which had hit many parts of the country.  Coming out of this situation now since peace is being restored, there should be those who will go a long way to see that success is achieved. There must be those committed to support efforts being put up by the leadership. The move calls for collective inclusion of every citizen, who should play his or her part. Time for gossiping and idling is gone. It is time to work and move forward considering time which has been wasted by what many now refer to as senseless war which killed, maimed and displaced many. The unity government has come a long way to reach where they are now. There must be forgiveness in all situations which should lead the present composition of government to provide result-oriented and positive administration of the national affairs. As the new look cabinet takes over the running of national affairs, the time is ripe for the composition of states governments to provide grassroots direction.

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