Corruption was a disgrace in the past

By: Agar Mayor Gai

Having grown up in a society or family where old days’ behavior and public disgracing actions are still valid and taught to the young, I have had the chance to make a comparison of the then life of our grandfathers and the present living styles and behavior. In the old days, I am told and have hundred percent agreed that success was only based on sweat and more importantly, a sweat that caused no harms to others. In other words, people worked for the welfare of their respective communities or families through cultivation for all, protection and education of the young on how they are to live when the old ones depart to another world (when they die).

With education, the whole community was tasked of raising the young and as such, the people produced by this kind of education cared much more about the community than themselves; that is to say, self-centrality as a mother of corruption and tribalism had not a single room to exercise its negating powers. This way of life, however, gave birth to success, peace, unity and much integrity for all in the community.  But though, a few of the people who followed not the principles of the communal education were regarded a failure to the community and as such, they had less consideration and acknowledgement in the society. In more simple terms, the less working or the corrupt ones could not be given any respect and deference. This way of life yielded positive results for the community and every individual of that time.

Now, what has happened?  Were the ancestors of this land wrong to take corruption for a disgrace? Surely, they were not wrong. They knew very well the results and components of corruption. First as a violation of law and secondly, as a source of communal or national failure, thirdly, as a violation of human mandated rights and fourthly, as a demonstration of self-satisfaction more than other people.

These four are the bases to a torn and failed state. And why would we accept to be a failed State? If all it takes to be united, peaceful and prosperous is putting to a stop to corruption, what is holding you and I back to cease to shun corruption and exploitation of others? Let us take our time to revise the history of our old people and surely, get back to their ways of living. We should stop honoring the self-loving or corrupt people and instead let corruption be a disgrace again. If it does happen, people will start acting the right way considering what they will be taken for by the society. It is high time this move takes its position and for your information, self-centrality, tribalism, nepotism and disunity will have not a single space to occupy.

There is no any other way to a successful nation other than this. A united, peaceful, accountable and corruption free country is what correctly defines the word success; not when we put to our pockets the funds supposedly for roads, schools and security is when we are regarded successful.

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