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CORRUPTION: Responsible for 2013 conflict

Corruption is one of the factors that led to the violence that we are facing now, said Edmund Yakani.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Yakani, the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) said before the violence in 2013, there was dismissal of some cabinet members because of malpractices and corruption which made the President to write to those involved to return the stolen money but no one adhered to the call.

He said it is unfortunate that people who bear the responsibility to hold people accountable are the same who are implicated in the corruption allegations.

Yakani added that the national dialogue should move to the extent of naming the corrupt officials and leveling evidence against them. They should be held accountable for their past deeds.

“As long as they are still in power, it is very hard to hold them accountable, because a criminal cannot hold himself accountable in his own court,” he added.

Yakani further said that corruption is one of the elements that had huge impact on crimes against humanity (genocide) and there is urgent need to invest in the national dialogue to eradicate corruption and hold people accountable.

He said that corruption had robbed the country of resources which was intended for national developments only to get ways into other people’s pockets.

Abraham Awolich, a member of the National Dialogue steering committee and the Director of SUDD Institute said the national dialogue does not have an agenda yet but corruption is one of the issues being discussed.

He added that the steering committee will organize the agenda and the stakeholders which may include warring parties, political parties, women, youth and religious leaders will be the ones to discuss and pass the resolutions.

“The steering committee will not discuss anything but organize the meeting for the stakeholders. “We shall continue to meet and consult throughout the month and thereafter go for a break. ”

By Sasuk Taban

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