Corruption is killing the country

By Akol Arop Akol

This injustice causes inequality among the people. There is no big or small corruption. It is an evil practice where the greedy loot resources that belong to the community. It happens in public leadership and at home. When someone starts taking a big share of the family that is the Genesis of corruption.

For example, there is herd of cattle or an amount of money to be spent and the father or mother takes more than the rest, this is simply known as inequality. A family is supposed to share the abundant or little things available fairly. Though man strives to provide the needs, this effort doesn’t make him own everything on his own leaving the rest of the families hungry.

The same to leadership, leaders must promote tranquility and fair distribution. They should not behave as if position is for them to accumulate people’s things into personal possession.

The country belongs to all, poor and old, men, women and children. The ideology of dividing people into Minority and Majority will not take our country ahead; instead it will only accelerate spirit of favoritism and pride, because some groups will think as the superior, richer or more important than the rest.

Today, South Sudan is corrupted by egos with greediness for wealth, fame and power. The manner that the upcoming leaders always bestow, is pretending-manifestoes of good governance yet their promises are not implemented.

Their motivation is to enrich themselves using people’s resources, oppress and if relieved they become enemies. Why do politicians beg when they want position and later use the powers to oppress and exploit the powerless and the poor? These are vulnerable people who need to be shown the right way.

It is so shameful that our leaders have turned against us. Some have taken chance of filling the bank accounts, build houses, send their children abroad and here enjoying their luxury lives and pretending like being patriotic yet they are the biggest betrayers of South Sudan.

If they really love their people, they would not sit idle in offices without delivering the services needed by the civil population.

Why do they run away with money? That is creating bad name, and the dirty legacy that will remain in the history. How can they be remembered like Dr. John of South Sudan and Nelson Mandela of South Africa who liberated their people without practicing corruption and nepotism?

The way our big people are leading today will have influence on the coming generation. If there is no eradication and positive transformation through education, the young ones would inherit and pass on the bad leadership, thus our country will take long to end the injustices.

When we are equally governed and provided our needs, we will embrace peaceful co-existence with improved living standards as one happy people. The failure to give a helping hand to the needy only makes them lose hope in life because they think they are unfortunate ones without someone caring for them.

Some things occur naturally and cannot be controlled by humans such as drought, disease and death. Instead of facing the disasters and ask God to stop them, the humans are even adding artificial problems such as wars.

And the results of laziness and inability of man to produce enough food is poverty which is one of the factors causing starvation and death nowadays in some war affected areas of the country.  It is the role of the leaders to make sure good leadership is demonstrated in order for all citizens to be fairly served.

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