Corruption by top government officials

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

According to the report made by the Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga, the issue of Economic crisis in the country was due to corruption done by top government officials. He continued to say that for the economy of the country to improve, a system must be established on how money should be used. That needs proper way of managing finance in government institutions and banks. 

Those who are corrupt, their names should be revealed out to the public. That information provided could alert the public that the cause of the failure of economy in the country has been made by the government officials themselves.  Not the issues of coronavirus pandemic and the dropping of oil price in the international market as said earlier. 

Any country that its government is corrupt would not develop and people will suffer. It means the suffering of the citizens came from government itself.  May be this corruption has started sometimes back, right from the establishment of this country. There is no new government that came in after South Sudan got its Independence. Only few officials were changed, but the top leadership remains. It was the same government that founded the leadership of the country and continued with the policy.

What would happen if the names of those government officials are published or not in the media houses. Anyway, with this information, there is no trust to our government. What they are doing was known by the public at large in the level of the country. The past rumors that circulated about corruption have become a reality.

Those countries and organizations who pledged funds to South Sudan for peace and development activities would not trust the government. It is unfortunate to have corrupt government in a time when people need progress in the country. Setting foundation with corrupt government is laying up bad records to the coming generations. This situation needs to be improved so that change is seen in the country. Otherwise, it depends on what people could suggest, since they were the ones who voted for these leaders.

May God bless us all.

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