As South Sudan economy is dwindling and common citizens are facing its bitterness, all eyes are set on the new economic crisis management committee formed to redeem the fallen economy bedeviled by corrupt top government officials. The entire country is expecting the committee to reveal some truths, find a solution to heal the country’s economy. However, the corrupt officials who have made the country suffer economic downfall should not be left to go unpunished. They must face the law, their bank accounts should be freeze and every property worth millions of monies must be confiscated. The tendency of leaving corrupts individuals to go without punishment will definitely encourage others to carry on with the same mentality. Why should the government allow the whole country to suffer under few thieves who loot without fear and favor? In fact they should not be branded with the word corruption, but should plainly be told thieves at daylight. Statement by economic crisis management committee stated that corruption is “an enemy of any economy.” Of course those so call officials have turned to be enemies to the nation by killing its economy. According to Wikipedia leads, corruption in South Sudan has been one of the worst in the world. In June 2012, 75 senior government officials were implicated with disappearance of $4 billion unaccounted for right from 2005 to 2012. Where on earth, government resources are controlled by few individuals? This time the Committee formed by President Kiir should at least bring some hope to the public. The public is watching and waiting to see the current fluctuating hard currency (dollar) against South Sudanese pounds to immediately drop to a significant rate.  

The message to the economic crisis management committee is that they should as well investigate and expose those who are illegally controlling market prices aiming only at enriching themselves by trading in the black market in the name of “Dollar.” No stone should be left unturned. You are tasked to expose any evil harrowing of the country’s economy.

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