The National Taskforce on coronavirus promised to be transparent in up-dating the situation in the country. They seems not to be doing so because the results of the samples number in their custody have not been released. The reason(s) which they do not want to admit publicly is that the testing machines they have cannot cope up with the work they are supposed to do. Only two machines have been in use, one with a slow pace of movements and operations. There are other machines which are supposed to be working but have remained out of use for a long time due to non-availability of spare parts for repairs. At least with a number of donations directed for the fight against the virus through taskforce, there should be speedy to resolves the issues, and those whose tests have been taken should be able to know their status on time. Keeping them waiting is taking a toll on them with uncertainty lingering in their minds. The team should also be able to tell the public openly what kind of donations they had received and from who to avoid speculations and rumours going rounds. The government has equally committed the states and administrative areas to set up taskforce committees for the virus who will be charged with leading in the fight against coronavirus. What has not been made clear is how the states are going to finance the fight but this cannot be an issue, the fact is the committee formed must be people who know what they are supposed to do and not those handpicked through favourism. Right now all parts of the country needs committed leadership who shall steer the areas in development activities including the fight against coronavirus. Each one should take his/her role in the society seriously and above all be transparent to accountability on whatever one is doing.

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