A foot for thought

Coronavirus negative impact

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Life has become hopeless with the situation of Coronavirus Pandemic in the world. The second coming of Coronavirus Pandemic has given a lot of analysis in the mind of some people. You may think why disease is affecting the whole world. Those who have Bible knowledge would analyze this in biblical view and encourage people to live in hope. The other obstacle is that Christians are not attending prayers on Sundays.

Any event has been stopped in the country, are people following it or not, is different issue. Of course death is different condition,if somebody dies family members, relatives, friends and others pay condolences in the house. The most important is to follow the rules of protection.

Last year lockdown was announced in Mach when people were in fasting period. As a result of lockdown, Christians didn’t celebrate Easter as it used to be in previous years. This year likely people would miss fasting period from the beginning. If the number of people affect with Coronavirus increased, lockdown will continue. In this condition, people should continue praying in the house God so that He listen to their prayers.

 Other churches are praying on Sundaysbut keep social distances and other rules of protections. I am sure if we pray with our whole hearts God will protect us and Coronavirus will end in South Sudan. It is a matter of believe and having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have strong faith, nothing will happen to you. These days many people are dying in the country with different types of diseases, few may be with Coronavirus Pandemicand that is the will of God. If your time has come, you will go and live others behind. Let us prepare ourselves and be ready anytime for the journey. We need to be strong in faith and understand what is dead. If you are in Lord Jesus Christ, you will die in peace. Many people have bad kind of death and few of them had peaceful death. It is because of their faith with Lord Jesus.

 Fasting for 40 days is not easy if you arenot used to. Christians could do it alone in the houses. They can start in the way they used to do according to the church tradition, for example if you are Catholic you know how Catholic Church fast, and the same procedures with other churches. 

May God bless us all.

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