The global attention has been grabbed by the internationally declared coronavirus or COVID’19 which is sending fears to every part of the world. The spread is alarming and a number of cases have been reported across and around the globe. Every government is doing what it can do to avoid the virus from reaching their jurisdiction. Some have even closed courts and learning institutions operations among others. In conformity to the global fight against the virus,  President Salva Kiir Mayardit yesterday directed that all public gatherings and functions must be stopped and other activities that could endanger the existence of human being. This is a right move at the right time when some cases have been reported and confirmed in some neighbouring countries. The spread of the coronavirus is real and threatening life at an alarming and supersonic speed. Developed countries are able to muscle resources and put the fight into proper perspective and top gear. This is a case of death or life and must be effectively prevented by being very ready. The disadvantage of the developing countries is that they do not have enough resources and would need a miracle to help fight the outbreak to prevent the virus from clearing the population. Why medics are working out on how the cure could be effectively and properly put in place, prevention must be the order of the day and precautions must be taken by each and every individual for their own good. The President has given the directive. It is now the work of the newly sworn in Minister of Health and her team to get on the ground and work to save the country from this dangerous dragon called coronavirus and expect collective support in their move to make this country free from COVID’19.

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