Coronavirus is a global monster threatening the life of humankind. It should not be taken for granted and plans must be put in place to safeguard the well-being of this Nation. Juba Monitor is dedicating a page daily to highlight cases of the disease across the world” Other countries the world-over had suspended a number of socio-economic activities to ensure the spread of the virus was minimized if not totally brought to a stop. This cannot be negotiated since there has never been known medicine or drug discovered by scientists to prove the point otherwise. Coronarivus remains right now the number one global threat to human being. It is spreading like bush-fire. Schools, public gatherings and even churches have been closed or have their operations suspended indefinitely due to the outbreak and the danger this virus impose on the life of the people. The leadership has directed all schools to be closed and flights from suspected countries are not allowed to land at Juba International Airport. There are those being screened at the entry border-points. This should not be taken lightly because the havoc this disease is causing in the world cannot be measured by any other past global disasters, people should avoid crowding and sharing of food which is a traditional and common habit. There should be at hand sensitizers for self-protection. Overcrowding of homes and rooms should be halted because the sources of virus are not clearly known. While the name of God can be evoked, one needs to be able to fend or defend for himself. The public must know that, it is only themselves who could save themselves. They should start by living clean and hygienically able to maintain their families standard of health. This disease is real and is a killer which does not need more time to strike at no given time. While the government is doing and carrying out its mandate to the citizens, it is also the duty of the latter to ensure their safety come first by obeying medical rule laid down by the country and the international players like World Health Organization (WHO). Coronavirus is real, let us not take chances.

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