Coronavirus impedes Peace implementation

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Since the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity [R-TGoNU] was formed, there was no much work done on peace in the country, due to disagreement between the parties. What happened was not for the benefit of the people. Those differences were there during the process of formation of the R-TGoNU, they are not supposed to have another misunderstanding by this time. 

People of South Sudan need total peace in the country as well as development to move in various places. There is no reason why the parties are not agreeing and finalizing the issue of governors in the states. It is the responsibility of the parties to nominate members for the position of the governors. A country cannot do much if there are no leaders to guide people in the states. This vacuum should be filled. I am sure there are capable people for the position of governors.

The delay of appointment of governors would be accounted on them for the reason that they failed to form the gov’t in time for peace implementation. Let us have trust among our people and give them chance to rule. There is nothing that can prevent them in nominating people to fill the position. Time was wasted during the period of formation of R-TGoNU, based on lack of trust among the leaders. When the breakout of Coronavirus disease was announced in the country, it reduced the work of peace and delaying implementation of peace in the country. They could have formed governors before the breakout of Coronavirus in the country. Currently, the rules for preventing Coronavirus are not helping people to interact with each other. Addition to that time for work has been reduced in the country by the authorities concerned.  

The top leaderships are the focal people for Coronavirus information. They are unable to balance between the work of peace and Coronavirus disease.  However, much effort is being exerted for Coronavirus than peace nowadays.    

It is unfortunate to have such situation at the time when people are in need of total peace in the country. Still there would be work for peace and messages to be delivered to the people.  More information is about Coronavirus than peace messages because it is a deadly disease its. Messages are the one being disseminated to people.

Thus, let us put God ahead of everything to change the situation so that we have total peace and formation of governments as soon as possible.

May God bless us all.

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