Coronavirus should not be taken lightly as some would want the country to believe. Rumours of what can treat the disease locally or internationally should equally be guided since there has never been any laboratory-tested drugs or vaccines that have been proved to cure.  Just a month ago or so, there were only two known cases in the country, but as of yesterday the number had gone up to 655 after over 90 new cases were registered with two new deaths in the rural areas bringing the total number of fatalities into eight and only six recovery. Rumors circulating that a tag won by members of the National Taskforce labeled “AIR DOCTOR” is a possible cure. The public should not be duped into accepting such far-fetched unconfirmed theories, which are not backed with any medical or scientific findings as the Ministry of Health and WHO disowned the tag saying they are not aware of it originality. Worse still some people who are out to confuse the situation are claiming that the tag was going for 300 USD in the market, and could save one for up to a month. There are those who have been wearing the tag but still ended up being positive. There are people who would stop at nothing and would use any situation to make their earning at whatever cost. These are the people who may be going round with the tag and confusion messages to oil their pockets. The government should remain firm and create public awareness that the only information coming from the National Taskforce should be taken as gospel truth. Not any other source(s). Everyone should be a brother’s keeper and guard against those trying to cheat their ways in a situation, which is deadly and dangerous to the whole country and the entire world like this. Unfounded rumors and reports should be discarded for the safety of the general public.

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