Coronavirus, Christians told not to lose faith

By Palzo Emmanuel

The Catholic Bishop of Yei Diocese Erkolano Lodu Tombe has urged all believers not to lose faith at this difficult moment created by coronavirus.

Bishop Lodu urged the Christians to remain faithful while dealing with the global coronavirus pandemic.

He said although there is no usual gathering, all the faithful must continue to follow Sunday service live on the radios.

Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Lodongo Sebit, a priest at Christ the King parish urged the Christians to believe in Christ during this difficult global situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We need to continue praying for those who are suffering from the global pandemic to strengthen the lives and health,” he said.

Rev.Fr Tom Poru, the parish priest of Christ the King parish said while it is fasting season people should continue to pray their home.

He called on the faithful to believe in Jesus Christ to overcome this difficult situation that the entire world was going through.

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