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Coronavirus cases continue to surge in the country

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The cases of the deadly coronavirus across the country have continued to surge as more 134 new cases were recorded as of Wednesday evening. 

This is the first time South Sudan has registered the highest cases of the virus in a single day, bringing the total number of the confirmed cases to 481 across the Country.

The country has so far recorded six (6) deaths and six (6) recoveries as of Wednesday.

There have been fears that the number could rise given the insufficient of testing facilities.

The Country has only Three (3) Polymerized Chain Reaction (PCR) machines for testing the Coronavirus but Dr. Makur Matur Koriom, the Undersecretary of Health says there are more PCR machines that have been installed

The country has seen a very rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the past weeks with new cases being recorded on daily basis.

Dr. Makur the Secretary of the National Taskforce who is the Undersecretary of the Health Ministry said the new released positive cases were among 271 test results collected in the past 48 hours from Wednesday. 

“Out of this, 134 cases of coronavirus were confirmed positive. Other 6 results of follow up of patients at Dr. John Garang Infectious Center were also released unfortunately these six results still came back positive and another follow up tests will be confirmed a week later,” he narrated.  

He however revealed that new recovered patients tested negative on two successively occasions in 24 hours apart and got discharged from Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Center on Wednesday.  

According to Dr. Matur, there were 15 coronavirus patients who are currently admitted at Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Unit among which one of them was still severely ill.  

Dr. Matur worries about the spike in the confirmed cases thus advising the people to treat the rise as a collective concern that need full preventive measures in place.  

“This calls for concerted efforts to ensure that infection is interrupted and the spread of the disease is stopped and this cannot be done unless we begin to do things differently,” Dr. Matur said.

The breakdown of the new cases indicate that 12 were contacts of the known cases, 2 alerts, 7 suspects and 101 screening either travelers to the State or samples collected differently from different zones of Juba and over 10 follow ups,

South Sudan has so far 4,559 samples tested that accounts for about 10. 5 percent of all testes performed according to Dr. Matur.

More than 80 percent of the confirmed cases are males and females account for the rest.

Earlier this week, senior government officials have tested positive including the First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar, the Ministers of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Information and Postal Services etc.

However, some of the members of the former High Level Taskforce who also tested positive for coronavirus did not disclose their coronavirus status. 

President Salva Kiir wrote quick recovery wishes to Dr. Riek Machar and other infected citizens expressing his prayers and quick recovery message for the infected.

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