Coronavirus awareness conducted in Gudele market

By Martha David 

A local NGO known as Healing Kadi Foundation yesterday conducted Coronavirus awareness Campaign at Gudele west Market.

The campaign was conducted through distribution of posters containing preventative messages

The posters show the symptoms and the preventative measures from getting infected with Coronavirus.

The program Manager for Healing Kadi Foundation Siymaya Michael told Juba Monitor that creating the coronavirus awareness would make people understand better the dangers of the pandemic.

He explained that as a local organization it was their role to contribute with the little they have to the public despite luck of funding.  

“We have seen that there is a gap here, we have seen that there is no awareness here, that’s why we decided to make this awareness. It is our own little way of contribution, we know they have been asking for facemasks we hope also the next phase we can be able to provide masks for the people,” Michael said.

He pointed out that coronavirus was real and people should take it serious although some people were still ignoring the virus.

“There is need to prevent it and consider personal preventative measures.”

Foiba Francis one of the women vendors selling groundnuts at Gudele market said the awareness was very helpful for them who were working in the market.

She said she was now aware of how to protect them from getting infected with the disease.

She urged the NGO to provide them with the facemasks and gloves for protection.

Emmanuela Maneno, a tea seller at Gudele market said through the posters, they were now aware of the dangers of  the disease and how to protect themselves.

Healing kadi Foundation was established in 2007 in Kajokeji County to provide modern reliable Medical care to the people in the country.

The organization have conducted a number of activities in Kajokeji such as mobile clinics and HIV counseling. 

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