Coronavirus and working environment

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Generally, working environment is becoming difficult in the country and globally due to the situation of Coronavirus as it is a dangerous disease in the world. People in the offices are going home early; markets are being closed early, if you want to buy anything, you should go early otherwise you would not get them as expected. In addition to that, there is nothing that people are talking about other than Coronavirus.

Yesterday I went to Juba town and found that workers of Juba City Council were very busy implementing the order issued by President Salva Kiir that all business places would be closed down due to Coronavirus. What was very strange was that all of them have no materials to protect or cover their nose with. They were moving in groups which is against the rules of protecting themselves from Coronavirus.

In that situation how can they deliver messages of Coronavirus or tell people in the markets that they are implementing the order that came from the Office of the President. Last week the Chinese Government donated some materials to South Sudan so that it would be used to prevent people from Coronavirus, where are those materials? Why are some of them not being given to the workers of Juba City Council for protection?

They were risking themselves instead of protection. Let us learn from the countries that were affected by the disease and how they were protecting themselves from it.  I know up to now there is no official report from the Ministry of Health that there is a case. But let us have proper way of protecting ourselves.

People should follow the rules on how to protect themselves. Awareness programme should be carried out from time to time so that everybody understands. In the family, parents and guidance should teach family members on how to prevent themselves from the virus?

I am happy with the Musician who composed the song about Coronavirus, in that way it would be easy for people to understand the negative impact of the disease including children to protect themselves. Each and everybody has a role to play in the prevention of the virus.

Anyway, above all is God, let us continue praying to Him to protect us from this disease not to come to South Sudan. He has power to protect people of South Sudan if we believe in Him and pray with our whole hearts. Ask for forgiveness for what we had done against Him.

May God bless us all.

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