Coronavirus affects country’s economy

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Before Coronavirus outbreak in the country, there was already economic crisis. Food and nonfood items were expensive in the markets within and outside Juba.  If you ask traders why they were increasing prices of items from time to time, they usually say because they were buying dollars expensively. The rate of dollars keeps on increasing in the black markets daily. There is no enough dollars in the banks to be sold for traders to purchase items from the neighboring countries.

However, it has taken several years that the rate of dollars was not stable, especially during the period of conflict between the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) and SPLM-IO. Most of the items were being purchased from abroad. Currently, the situation is becoming worse due to Coronavirus. All boards were closed down; some traders were not able to export items, their mobility is becoming difficult. If you compare the prices of items these days with the prices of last months, there are big differences. That means the economy of the country is not improving.

The rate of dollars was increasing concurrently with the prices of items in the markets. Due to these conditions, certain people are not getting basic needs for their daily survival in the families. It has become difficult for them to manage themselves with Coronavirus; life is becoming difficult for such group of people. In addition to that, the food items being distributed to the households has not yet reached some people.

I know other things were not our making like the disease, but we need to work hard and get means for survival. We don’t know when this disease is going to end in the country as well as in the world.

Let us put everything in the hands of God, He knows how to change lives of people in South Sudan. We are surviving, it is not because we are taking prevention, it is because God is with us. Let us have trust on Him, even those who are not getting food; He knows how to provide for them.

May God bless us all.

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