Coronavirus affects bee production –FAO

By Kidega Livingstone

The Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nation admitted that the spreading of the coronavirus has affected bee production following prevention measures put in place by the Ministry of health that stop training of the bee keepers on bee production because of the social distances.

“Marketing of the bee products has been a problem because there is no movement of the bee keepers to take their honey far ways, so that they can be able to sell their products,” National Resource Consultant of Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nation, Martin Tobolio has said during Miraya breakfast talk show to marked World International Bee Day yesterday.

He advised that farmers (bee keepers) should continue learning theory and practical skills on bee production to avoid losing bee products market after coronavirus pandemic.

“You have learned more from other bee keeping industry at this critical time and it very important for you to go and attain bee keeping skills,” he advised.

He said protection of the bee habitants should be a priority in bee production by stopping clearing, and unnecessary burning of forestry “Burning the forest is like burning the bees because forests is the habitants of bees,” he said.  

South Sudan is among the African countries with natural a quality bee product that’s highly demanded in the world market.

In 2018 South Sudan honey products was in Japan market making the country to be the best in Africa to have quality honey.

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